Current Team

Carolyn Ferguson
Lab Manager
Carolyn loves to bicycle-anywhere, anytime, any bike. And kayak, swim, run. And have a good beer.
Sonja Plasil
Graduate Student, Interdisciplinary Biomedical Graduate Program
Some of Sonja's favorite things are swimming, reading a good book, seeing live music, cats, and traveling!

Anna Baratta
Graduate Student
Center for Neuroscience
When not in the lab, Anna loves to read, hike, rock climb, and travel the world.

Amit Seth
Research Associate. Former Graduate Student, Biomedical Master's Program

Valerie Collins
Graduate Student, Biomedical Master's Program
In her spare time, Valerie works as an EMT, and loves to run, read, and hike.

Richa Rathod
International Postdoctoral Associate
Richa loves to listening to music, watching movies, strolling along the beach, and spending time with her friends and family.

Lab Alum

Graduate StudentsPostdoctoral TraineesMedical Students
Donald Schwartz, PhD (1994-1999)Robert M. Mihalek, PhD (1995-2000)Jerome Aul, 1997
David F. Werner, PhD (2002-2007)Steven Hardy, PhD (2003-2004)Susan Yuditskya, 2003
Kristen Skvorak, PhD (2004-2008)Andrew Swihart, MD (2006-2007)Kevin Vilsaint, 2006
Dev Chandra, PhD (2000-2008)Rodrigo Benevides, MD (2007-2008)David Mazariegos, 2011-2013
Sangeetha Iyer, PhD (2006-2010)Mark Zimmerman, PhD (2013)Daniel Farrell, 2013-2016
Mark Zimmerman, PhD (2008-2013)
Andrey Finegersh, MD, PhD (2011-2015)
Gregory Rompala, PhD (2013-2018)

Join Us!

Graduate Students

Graduate students must be admitted through the Center for Neuroscience graduate program, the Interdisciplinary Biomedical Graduate Program, or the Medical Scientist Training Program.


Postdoctoral Trainees

Postdoctoral applicants with a strong interest in alcohol action should email a cover letter summarizing their graduate work and research interests along with a current curriculum vitae to Dr. Homanics.


Undergraduate Research Assistants

Undergraduate students interested in gaining research experience are encouraged to apply directly to Dr. Homanics via email. The number of positions available is limited and varies with need and resources available.